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(BTW, who's Moss Steiger?)

Perfect match. Widespread U.S. exposure at long last.

Fingers crossed for a duet.


This is not a late April Fool’s joke - Hatsune Miku will be opening for Lady Gaga at the ARTPOP Ball from May 6th to June 3rd!

Capitalism simply isn't working and here are the reasons why | Will Hutton 

Hearing this guy’s name everywhere now …

"Piketty is in no doubt … that the current level of rising wealth inequality, set to grow still further, now imperils the very future of capitalism. He has proved it."

She’s no Lily Allen, but this bubblegum (literally) pop tune brightened my hump-day a.m.

Heard this a while back on, of all things, Monocle24

Best study break ever: An ABC Afterschool Special titled “The Day My Kid Went Punk.”

With a spoon.

Why I don't believe in robots 


My new Guardian column is “Why it is not possible to regulate robots,” which discusses where and how robots can be regulated, and whether there is any sensible ground for “robot law” as distinct from “computer law.”

One thing that is glaringly absent from both the Heinleinian and…

Plane Wreck at Los Gatos: Finding Woody’s Deportees 

One of Woody Guthrie’s best songs is “Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos),” and this superb podcast chronicles two men who worked to revive the names and celebrate the people who were the subject of the news articles that inspired the lyric.

Read Woody’s words; listen to one of my favorite versions by Nanci Griffith and Lucinda Williams with backup by Steve Earle, Odetta, and more.

virtual performance promises, possibilities 

A new lawsuit has revived the carnival-barking promises of new “holographic” pop performances. Same song, second verse.

In case you were wondering, yes, there was once a catchy pop single about an airline hijacking.

Squeeze, “Hits of the Year,” 1985.

The singer is the incomparable Glenn Tilbrook, though in this deliciously dated video he looks like Glenn-Close Tilda-Swinton.

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